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Brand: Scubatec

Teflon Washer For Scuba Valve

TEFLON WASHER FOR SCUBA VALVE The anti-friction Teflon washer for axis is used in scuba cylinder's valve to reduce the friction between internal components.
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Flange Screw Replacement Part For Bcd

FLANGE SCREW REPLACEMENT PART FOR BCD SAFETY DUMP VALVE FOR WING AND ALERT MARKER Replacement BCD flange for corrugated elbow,  safety dump valve for wing and SMB.Can be screw on any textile, no welding required PACKAGE INCLUDED - 1 Inside bladder nut- 1 Outside bladder nut- 1 Wing double gasket
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Reference: 60190


Miflex Genuine Xtreme Regulator Hoses 3/8

MIFLEX GENUINE XTREME REGULATOR HOSES 3/8 Miflex double braided LP flexible hoses for scuba diving regulators 3/8 (Standard on most new generation first stage in the market , Scubapro, Apeks, Scubatec, and much more)Available in different maesures:210 -180 - 150 - 120 - 100 - 80 - 75 - 60 - 56 - 50 - 30 - 15 cmAvailable colors: White, Blue, Carbon,...
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Protective Caps For Scuba Valve Xs Scuba - Universal Cap

PROTECTIVE CAPS FOR SCUBA VALVES XS SCUBA - UNIVERSAL CAPUniversal Valve Cap Fits  most of scuba valves on the market.Protect the valve outlet of your cylinder with XS scuba PVC caps from dirty and demageNylon cord lanyard included - not attachedAvailable in the following colors:- Black- Blue- Yellow- Pink- Green
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Genuine Miflex Inflator Hoses Low Pressure 3/8

GENUINE MIFLEX JACKET DRY SUIT HOSE 3/8  Miflex double braided LP flexible hoses for scuba diving jacket 3/8  (Standard on most new generation first stage in the market , Scubapro, Apeks, Scubatec, Scubatech and many others.Available in different maesures:100 - 90 - 75 - 65 - 61 - 56 - 51- 45 - 40 - 30 - 25 - 20 - 15 cm Available colors: White, Blue,...
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Mask Fusion 2 Junior Xs Scuba

MASK FUSION 2 JR XS SCUBA Perfect mask for hard to fit smaller and narrow facesFusion 2 mask reduced in size by 15%Comfortable, crystal silicone skirtSplit window design Available with Blu or Yellow frame PACKAGE INCLUDED - 1 Mask Fusion 2 JR.- 1 Silicon Strap- 1 Durable Storage Box Included to Prevent Damage when Traveling
Price €39.98

Reference: SN600YL


Xs Scuba Snorkel Metro

XS SCUBA SNORKEL METROValue priced and built rental tough • Traditional open top • Easy to clear with self-draining purge valve • Comfortable curved mouthpiece design • Flex section for comfortable positioning • Quick-release snorkel keeper for easy removal from mask (p/n AC145)
Price €32.81

Reference: SN050-ICE


Xs Scuba Snorkel Sedona Elite

XS SCUBA SNORKEL SEDONA ELITE• New sleek design dry top • Totally dry snorkel • Patented top prevents water entering • Guards against water entering surface • Smooth bore silicone flex tube • Replaceable curved mouthpiece • Self-draining purge valve • Quick-release snorkel keeper for easy removal from masks 
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Reference: SN500BS


Xs Scuba Snorkel Flo

XS SCUBA SNORKEL FLO Old School style • All sleek and black • Traditional open top • Traditional non-purge mouthpiece • Smooth bore • Adjustable snorkel keeper • Silicone mouthpiece
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Snorkel Cargo Foldable Black Silicone

SNORKEL CARGO FOLDABLE BLACK SILICONERoll up and stow in your BC pocket • Carry this snorkel out of your way • 100% silicone construction • Self-draining purge valve • Special snorkel keeper to keep rolled • Compact design
Price €35.88
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Reference: SMA975BS


Mask Eagleye Rayblocker Seadive

MASK EAGLEYE RAYBLOCKER SEADIVE For the past six years SeaDive has developed and field-tested, anti-reflective (ARC) mask coatings of tempered glass. SeaDive's ARC coatings now allow almost 100% transmission of light. Standard tempered glass has a minimum of 4%-plus rate of reflection which can seriously distort underwater vision. Only SeaDive has...
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Cressi Reaction Pro Closed-Foot Fins

CRESSI FINS REACTION PRO CLOSED-FOOTThese fins have been designed not just for swimming and free-diving, but also for scuba diving, where they will surprise you with their fantastic performance.
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Reference: 2707


Cressi Mask Big Eyes Evolution Black

CRESSI BIG EYES EVOLUTION BLACK MASKSkirt in High Seal siliconeSpecial structure of the skirt has differentiated rigidityInstantly adjustable buckles that are joined to the headband with an indestructible elastic elementMinimum internal volumeOptical Lens (Optional) COMPOSED OFCressi Mask Big Eyes Evolution BlackSilicon StrapDurable Storage Box Included...
Price €58.50

Reference: AD0800


Best Divers Neoprene Bandana - Alternative to the Wetsuit Hood

Best Divers Neoprene Bandana - Alternative to the Wetsuit Hood Neoprene Bandana by Best Divers, an alternative to the wetsuit hood. Provides optimal fit, breathability, and easy adjustment. Available in red or white, sizes S-M or L-XL. Perfect for diving and snorkeling. Key Features: Maximum Adherence: Ensures a perfect fit to the head. Ventilation:...
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Cressi Zues Mask With New Cressi Fog Stop System

CRESSI ZUES MASK WITH NEW CRESSI FOG STOP SYSTEMCressi Fog Stop SystemInclined lenses according to the Big Eyes system100% folding and tilting buckles anchored to the frameAvailable in black and Crystal siliconeInternal volume: 95 cm3Weight: 12 COMPOSED OFCressi Zues MaskSilicon StrapDurable Storage Box Included to Prevent Damage when Traveling
Price €70.00

Reference: 9ME6083


Diving Mask Frameless Low Profile Wide Spectrum View

LOW PROFILE FRAMELESS MASKS IN HYPOALLERGENIC SILICONETHE PACKAGE INCLUDES- 1 Low Profile Frameless Mask - 1 traditional silicone strap with quick-adjust buckles - 1 Plastic transport boxAvailable in the following colors: - Black- Blue- Yellow- Pink- Clear
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Mask Seafire Rayblocker HD Seadive

SEADIVE MASK SEAFIRE RAYBLOCKER HD Welcome to the extraordinary underwater world of SeaDive, where vision becomes an unparalleled experience. Over the years, SeaDive has dedicated time and resources to the development and field testing of anti-reflective ARC coatings for tempered glass, culminating in the creation of an exclusive patent. Thanks to the...
Price €111.75

Discover the Charm of Snorkeling: Complete Guide to Exploring the Ocean Depths

Welcome to our section dedicated to Snorkeling where you will find a complete guide on the practice and the necessary equipment for this activity.

Snorkeling is one of the most fascinating activities for those who love the sea and wish to explore the marvelous underwater worlds. With this complete guide, we will provide you with all the necessary tips for a safe and unforgettable snorkeling experience.

What is Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is an aquatic activity that allows you to observe underwater life while staying on the surface. Equipped with a mask, snorkel, and fins, enthusiasts can admire the beauty of the seabed without the need for tanks or scuba gear.

Necessary Equipment for Snorkeling

To practice snorkeling safely and comfortably, it is essential to have the right equipment:

  • Mask: It must fit perfectly on the face to avoid water leaks.
  • Snorkel: Allows easy breathing while face down.
  • Fins: Facilitate swimming and reduce physical effort.
  • Shorty Wetsuit: Ideal for maintaining body temperature.
  • Full Wetsuit: Ideal for maintaining body temperature, especially in colder waters, and for protection from corals, rocks, and jellyfish.
  • Signal Buoy: Necessary to make yourself visible and as a floating support to rest in case of fatigue.

Best Spots for Snorkeling

Here are some of the best spots for snorkeling in the Mediterranean and abroad:

  • Elba Island (Italy): Crystal clear waters and rich biodiversity.
  • Gozo Island (Malta): Famous for its turquoise waters and underwater caves.
  • Port-Cros National Park (France): A true protected marine paradise.
  • Red Sea (Egypt): A natural aquarium rich in life and colors.

Tips for Beginners

If you are a beginner, follow these tips for a trouble-free snorkeling experience:

  • Practice in Shallow Waters: Familiarize yourself with the equipment in a pool or shallow waters.
  • Stay Calm: Breathe slowly and deeply to avoid fatigue.
  • Don't Touch Anything: Protect marine fauna and flora by respecting the environment.

Snorkeling Safety

Safety is fundamental when practicing snorkeling:

  • Don't Snorkel Alone: It's always better to have a buddy.
  • Check Weather Conditions: Avoid going out with rough seas or adverse conditions.
  • Use a Signal Buoy: To be seen by boats.

Snorkeling is an activity accessible to everyone and offers the opportunity to explore fascinating and mysterious worlds beneath the sea surface. By following this guide, you will be ready to live a unique and unforgettable adventure. Prepare your equipment and dive into the blue!

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