Reference: R6RONT

Brand: Scubatec

Teflon Washer For Scuba Valve

TEFLON WASHER FOR SCUBA VALVE The anti-friction Teflon washer for axis is used in scuba cylinder's valve to reduce the friction between internal components.
Price €0.50

Reference: SP01


Flange Screw Replacement Part For Bcd

FLANGE SCREW REPLACEMENT PART FOR BCD SAFETY DUMP VALVE FOR WING AND ALERT MARKER Replacement BCD flange for corrugated elbow,  safety dump valve for wing and SMB.Can be screw on any textile, no welding required PACKAGE INCLUDED - 1 Inside bladder nut- 1 Outside bladder nut- 1 Wing double gasket
Price €12.88

Reference: VC-BK


Protective Caps For Scuba Valve Xs Scuba - Universal Cap

PROTECTIVE CAPS FOR SCUBA VALVES XS SCUBA - UNIVERSAL CAPUniversal Valve Cap Fits  most of scuba valves on the market.Protect the valve outlet of your cylinder with XS scuba PVC caps from dirty and demageNylon cord lanyard included - not attachedAvailable in the following colors:- Black- Blue- Yellow- Pink- Green
Price €2.40 Regular price €6.00

Reference: 61021


Genuine Miflex Inflator Hoses Low Pressure 3/8

GENUINE MIFLEX JACKET DRY SUIT HOSE 3/8  Miflex double braided LP flexible hoses for scuba diving jacket 3/8  (Standard on most new generation first stage in the market , Scubapro, Apeks, Scubatec, Scubatech and many others.Available in different maesures:100 - 90 - 75 - 65 - 61 - 56 - 51- 45 - 40 - 30 - 25 - 20 - 15 cm Available colors: White, Blue,...
Price €27.90 Regular price €31.00
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Reference: 60190


Miflex Genuine Xtreme Regulator Hoses 3/8

MIFLEX GENUINE XTREME REGULATOR HOSES 3/8 Miflex double braided LP flexible hoses for scuba diving regulators 3/8 (Standard on most new generation first stage in the market , Scubapro, Apeks, Scubatec, and much more)Available in different maesures:210 -180 - 150 - 120 - 100 - 80 - 75 - 60 - 56 - 50 - 30 - 15 cmAvailable colors: White, Blue, Carbon,...
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Reference: SUEX71392

Brand: SUEX

Suex Rotating Knob for Single Handle Attachement

SUEX ROTATING KNOB FOR SINGLE HANDLE ATTACHMENT FOR UNDERWATER SCOOTERThe rotating knob is an original Suex replacement part necessary for the attachment of the single rotating handle on your DPV. Compatible with Suex underwater scooter models: XK, XJ-S, XJ-T, VR-X, VR-T, and 7Seven.
Price €50.18



Peregrine TX Shearwater Dive Computer With Compass

PEREGRINE TX DIVE COMPUTER - ADVANCED FEATURES, UNBEATABLE VALUE Discover the PEREGRINE TX, Shearwater's latest dive computer that merges the user-friendly design of the PEREGRINE with the advanced features of the PERDIX 2. Perfect for sport divers, the PEREGRINE TX offers a full-color, easy-to-read display, air integration, and a tilt-compensated digital...
Price €815.00
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Reference: SUEX71555

Brand: SUEX

Suex Cap Vintage Blue Peaked

SUEX VINTAGE CAP WITH BLUE VISOR - CLASSIC AND VERSATILE STYLE Add a touch of retro class to your wardrobe with the Suex Vintage Cap Blue Peaked.
Price €34.16
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Reference: HL421


Highland Shealth For Titanium Emt Shears

HIGHLAND TITANIUM EMT SHEARS SHEALTHA Convenient Storage Solution for Your Gear RigDesigned for Highland by XS Scuba's EMT ShearsConstructed with Durable Nylon WebbingSecure Closure with Hook & LoopFastener Features a 360° Locking Gate Clip for Easy Attachment to GearClip Crafted from Impact-Resistant Plastic with Stainless Wire Locking Gate
Price €7.17
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Reference: 10111003


Halcyon Carbon Fiber STA - Lightweight Single Tank Adapter

HALCYON CARBON MONO TANK ADAPTER The Halcyon Carbon Fiber Single Tank adapter is available in 3 different versions: - Naked Carbon Adapter - Naked Carbon Adapter + Screw Set - Complete Carbon Adapter The naked carbon adapter comes without cam bands and screws. The Halcyon naked adapter + screw set includes a complete set of screws but does not include cam...
Price €152.50
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Reference: SUEX71847

Brand: SUEX

Suex DPV Protection Cover For Underwater Scooter

SUEX PROTECTION COVER FOR UNDERWATER SCOOTERSThe Suex protection cover is an elastic covering to be placed on the body of your DPV to prevent damage and scratches to the scooter during transportation. Protection for your Suex underwater scooters is available for all models: XK Goldfinder, XK, XJ Goldfinder, XJS, XJT, VRX EVO, VRT EVO, 7Seven.
Price €79.30
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Reference: SUEX72322

Brand: SUEX

Suex Goldfinder Xk DPV Underwater Scooter

SUEX GOLDFINDER XK UNDERWATER SCOOTER THE XK GOLDFINDER is tech/professional long range cave diving SUEX DPV.Available in following colors:- Deep Gold- Moos Green- Saturn Black- Jet Black- Earth Blu- Mars Red Included accessories in our offer:DRIVe System- (ERON D-1 not included)Double Adjustable HandleDouble Handle Nosecone DesignGoldfinder Proplock...
Price €9,253.70
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Reference: 14080100_Ecl_20


Halcyon Eclipse And Traveler Inner Bladder Replacement Kit With New Threading

HALCYON ECLIPSE AND TRAVELER INNER BLADDER REPLACEMENT KIT WITH NEW COARSE THREAD OPVReplacement bladder for Eclipse or Traveler wing, available in 20, 30, or 40-pound versions. The Halcyon Inner Bladder Replacement Kit for Eclipse or Traveler wings features the new clear, coarse threading. The replacement kit for the Halcyon Eclipse Inner Bladder...
Price €146.40
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Reference: SUEX72327

Brand: SUEX

Suex VRX EVO DPV Underwater Scooter

SUEX VRX EVO DPV UNDERWATER SCOOTER Experience the extraordinary with the VR-X EVO, the pinnacle of underwater exploration.Crafted with innovation at its core, this model boasts a cutting-edge Li-ION battery, meticulously engineered for endurance.Dive into the depths and relish uninterrupted adventures for up to 150 minutes at a leisurely cruising...
Price €3,391.60
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Reference: SUEX72409

Brand: SUEX

Suex Smart Lock Tow Cord With Carabiner For DPV

SUEX SMART LOCK TOW CORD FOR DPV WITH CARABINERSMake your underwater adventure unique with SUEX SMART LOCK, the revolutionary tow cable for DPVs. Compatible with all new SUEX DPVs, Goldfinder Series, and VR-EVO, this extraordinary tow cord is designed to simplify and make your underwater experience safer. Equipped with two sturdy carabiners and a bolt...
Price €96.38
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Reference: GOMITOP01


90 Degree Quick Elbow Connection For BCD

90° CONNECTION ANGLE FOR BCD The quick release connection angle is designed to simplify the process of quickly releasing excess air from the BCD. With our connection elbow, there will be no need to lift the corrugated hose to release the air; instead, you can simply pull the hose itself, making the release process faster and more convenient.
Price €30.00
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Reference: SUEX72324

Brand: SUEX

Suex Goldfinder XJ DPV Underwater Scooter

DPV GOLDFINDER XJ SUEXThe GOLDFINDER XJ DPV is a technical/professional SUEX scooter designed for long-range and cave divingAvailable in following colors:- Deep Gold- Moos Green- Saturn Black- Jet Black- Earth Blu- Mars Red Accessories included:DRIVe System Ready - Needs Li-Ion BatterySmartphone ConnectDual Speed triggerDouble Adjustable HandleGoldfinder...
Price €7,198.00
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Reference: A20213242

Brand: DUI

Jumpsuit DUI DuoTherm II 300 GR Actionware for Dry Suit

DUI UNDERGARMENT DUOTHERM II 300 GR ONE-PIECE Available in following sizes:Men - XS, S, M, L, XL, XXLWoman - XS, S, M, L, XL, XXLColor: Gray (Men)Grey with Fuchsia thread and Logo (Woman) Recommended usage temperatures from 45°F to 60°F
Price €439.00
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