Reference: R6RONT

Brand: Scubatec

Teflon Washer For Scuba Valve

TEFLON WASHER FOR SCUBA VALVE The anti-friction Teflon washer for axis is used in scuba cylinder's valve to reduce the friction between internal components.
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Reference: SP01


Flange Screw Replacement Part For Bcd

FLANGE SCREW REPLACEMENT PART FOR BCD SAFETY DUMP VALVE FOR WING AND ALERT MARKER Replacement BCD flange for corrugated elbow,  safety dump valve for wing and SMB.Can be screw on any textile, no welding required PACKAGE INCLUDED - 1 Inside bladder nut- 1 Outside bladder nut- 1 Wing double gasket
Price €12.88

Reference: VC-BK


Protective Caps For Scuba Valve Xs Scuba - Universal Cap

PROTECTIVE CAPS FOR SCUBA VALVES XS SCUBA - UNIVERSAL CAPUniversal Valve Cap Fits  most of scuba valves on the market.Protect the valve outlet of your cylinder with XS scuba PVC caps from dirty and demageNylon cord lanyard included - not attachedAvailable in the following colors:- Black- Blue- Yellow- Pink- Green
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Reference: 60190


Miflex Genuine Xtreme Regulator Hoses 3/8

MIFLEX GENUINE XTREME REGULATOR HOSES 3/8 Miflex double braided LP flexible hoses for scuba diving regulators 3/8 (Standard on most new generation first stage in the market , Scubapro, Apeks, Scubatec, and much more)Available in different maesures:210 -180 - 150 - 120 - 100 - 80 - 75 - 60 - 56 - 50 - 30 - 15 cmAvailable colors: White, Blue, Carbon,...
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Reference: 61021


Genuine Miflex Inflator Hoses Low Pressure 3/8

GENUINE MIFLEX JACKET DRY SUIT HOSE 3/8  Miflex double braided LP flexible hoses for scuba diving jacket 3/8  (Standard on most new generation first stage in the market , Scubapro, Apeks, Scubatec, Scubatech and many others.Available in different maesures:100 - 90 - 75 - 65 - 61 - 56 - 51- 45 - 40 - 30 - 25 - 20 - 15 cm Available colors: White, Blue,...
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Reference: A11918076

Brand: OMS

OMS Webbing For DIR Harness 11,5 FT Grey

OMS WEBBING FOR DIR HARNESS 11,5 FT GREYReplacement OMS webbing for DIR harness with central rivet. Wide: 2-inch (5 cm) Lenght: 11,5 ft (3,50 m)Replacement webbing is available in the event of wear and tear on harnesses. Specifically for the DIR harness this webbing can be used to replace most 2″ webbing on your dive gear. Fit all DIR backplate.
Price €33.83
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Reference: A24918001

Brand: OMS

Wetnotes OMS DIVER'S Notebook Complete

WETNOTES OMS DIVER'S NOTEBOOK COMPLETE OMS Diver's Notebook including Underwater Paper, with Table Windows, Pockets, Pencil Holders & PenciIncludes replaceable paper refill (water proof)Table windowsClear Pockets for Dive Tables with Velcro® closurePencil and pencil holders
Price €38.86
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Reference: A20918001

Brand: OMS

P-VALVE OMS Ballanced PEE-VALVE OMS For Drysuit

P-VALVE OMS BALLANCED FOR DRYSUIT PEE-VALVE The OMS P-Valve has been developed from feedback provided from divers with years of experience underwater. The patented P-Port system allows the diver to remove and replace the P-Valve so that it can be cleaned, or simply removed for dives where it is not required.
Price €224.52

Reference: A20118006

Brand: OMS

Drysuit Oms Otwo Standard Size

OMS OTWO DRYSUIT STANDARD SIZES Muta stagna OMS in trilaminato.Fornita con la seguente configurazione base:- Silicon seals- 2 Large Pockets- Ultraflex Boot with velcro straps- Super Flex Hood- OMS valves- Design 3D- Extra cordura protections- OMS Wrist Ring system- Miflex Inflator hose- OMS Bag
Price €2,346.71

Reference: A11818002

Brand: OMS

Oms Back Pad Mc Storage Pocket For Backplate

OMS BACK PAD MC STORAGE POCKET FOR BACKPLATEThe new OMS Back Pad is a storage pocket for your backplate with comfort pad.On the back it has 4 trim weight pockets the allow diver to store 1 kg for each pocket.Do not require any screw because can be easily set it up like a sock sliding the backplate into it.
Price €111.75
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Reference: A11518054

Brand: OMS

2" Oms Nylon Webbing 25 Ft Package

2" OMS NYLON WEBBING 25 FT PACKAGE25 feet / 7.6 meter roll of 2-inch ( ̴5cm) Replacement webbing is available in the event of wear and tear on harnesses. This webbing can be used to replace most 2″ webbing on your dive gear.  FEATURES:25 ft / 7.6m rollBlack webbingPerfect to replace standard 2" webbing
Price €82.12
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