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Brand: Scubatec

Teflon Washer For Scuba Valve

TEFLON WASHER FOR SCUBA VALVE The anti-friction Teflon washer for axis is used in scuba cylinder's valve to reduce the friction between internal components.
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Flange Screw Replacement Part For Bcd

FLANGE SCREW REPLACEMENT PART FOR BCD SAFETY DUMP VALVE FOR WING AND ALERT MARKER Replacement BCD flange for corrugated elbow,  safety dump valve for wing and SMB.Can be screw on any textile, no welding required PACKAGE INCLUDED - 1 Inside bladder nut- 1 Outside bladder nut- 1 Wing double gasket
Price €12.88

Reference: 61021


Genuine Miflex Inflator Hoses Low Pressure 3/8

GENUINE MIFLEX JACKET DRY SUIT HOSE 3/8  Miflex double braided LP flexible hoses for scuba diving jacket 3/8  (Standard on most new generation first stage in the market , Scubapro, Apeks, Scubatec, Scubatech and many others.Available in different maesures:100 - 90 - 75 - 65 - 61 - 56 - 51- 45 - 40 - 30 - 25 - 20 - 15 cm Available colors: White, Blue,...
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Protective Caps For Scuba Valve Xs Scuba - Universal Cap

PROTECTIVE CAPS FOR SCUBA VALVES XS SCUBA - UNIVERSAL CAPUniversal Valve Cap Fits  most of scuba valves on the market.Protect the valve outlet of your cylinder with XS scuba PVC caps from dirty and demageNylon cord lanyard included - not attachedAvailable in the following colors:- Black- Blue- Yellow- Pink- Green
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Miflex Genuine Xtreme Regulator Hoses 3/8

MIFLEX GENUINE XTREME REGULATOR HOSES 3/8 Miflex double braided LP flexible hoses for scuba diving regulators 3/8 (Standard on most new generation first stage in the market , Scubapro, Apeks, Scubatec, and much more)Available in different maesures:210 -180 - 150 - 120 - 100 - 80 - 75 - 60 - 56 - 50 - 30 - 15 cmAvailable colors: White, Blue, Carbon,...
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Latex Neck Seal Repair Kit For Dry Suit
  • Latex Neck Seal Repair Kit For Dry Suit

Latex Neck Seal Repair Kit For Dry Suit


Our Latex Neck Repair Kit for Dry Suits is designed for those who enjoy DIY repairs and need to quickly address repairs without waiting for the often lengthy turnaround times of workshops.
The repair kit for dry suits is all you need for the replacement of the neck seal on your suit.

The kit includes:
1 pc - Latex Bellows Neck Size L
1 pc - 28g Aquasure Tube
1 pc - 28ml Glue Tube
2 pcs - Brush
1 pair - Protective Gloves

This kit provides everything necessary for the efficient replacement of the neck seal on your dry suit.
It's the perfect solution for those looking to take matters into their own hands and ensure a swift and reliable repair without the hassle of extended workshop waiting times.

This pack contains


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We are excited to introduce the ideal solution for those who love DIY and want to tackle repairs quickly without waiting for long turnaround times in workshops.

What our kit includes:

1. Latex Bellows Neck Seal Size L: The heart of our kit, high-quality latex neck in size L. Designed to fit seamlessly into your dry suit, ensuring a reliable and durable repair.
- Neck circumference: 25 cm approximately
- Base circumference: 65 cm approximately
2. 28g Aquasure Tube: A powerful formula for sealing and protection. Our 28g Aquasure tube is the perfect choice to ensure a secure and weather-resistant seal.
3. 28ml Glue Tube: Glue is essential to ensure a stable connection between the latex neck and the suit. Our 28ml tube provides enough quantity for a complete repair.
4. Brush: A practical tool for the precise application of glue. Facilitates work during latex neck replacement, ensuring even distribution.
5. Protective Gloves: Your safety is our priority. The protective gloves included in the kit will protect you during the glue application, ensuring a safe and clean repair experience.

Why choose our kit:

- Time Savings: Avoid long waiting times in workshops. With our kit, you can perform the repair comfortably at home.
- Ease of Use: Designed with convenience in mind, the kit is suitable for both beginners and experts.
- Quality Materials: We use only high-quality materials to ensure a robust and long-lasting repair.

Choose our Latex Neck Repair Kit and breathe new life into your dry suit, whether it's for scuba diving, sailing, kite surfing, in a simple and fast way, with a reliable and durable repair.

Do-it-yourself is not for you... Rely on us for a professional and reliable drysuit repair service. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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