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Brand: Scubatec

Teflon Washer For Scuba Valve

TEFLON WASHER FOR SCUBA VALVE The anti-friction Teflon washer for axis is used in scuba cylinder's valve to reduce the friction between internal components.
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Reference: 901061025

Brand: SI TECH

Silicone Wrist Seal SI TECH Replacement Dry Suit Seals Silflex

SILFELX SILICONE WRIST SEAL SI TECH Replacement silicone seal for drysuits with quick change wrist systems.Fits Modular Quick Change Solutions: SI TECH Quick Cuff and Antares, Rolock 90, Santi Smart, Waterproof and Scubapro.Silflex silicone seals are available in black or cyan blue.
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Flange Screw Replacement Part For Bcd

FLANGE SCREW REPLACEMENT PART FOR BCD SAFETY DUMP VALVE FOR WING AND ALERT MARKER Replacement BCD flange for corrugated elbow,  safety dump valve for wing and SMB.Can be screw on any textile, no welding required PACKAGE INCLUDED - 1 Inside bladder nut- 1 Outside bladder nut- 1 Wing double gasket
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Protective Caps For Scuba Valve Xs Scuba - Universal Cap

PROTECTIVE CAPS FOR SCUBA VALVES XS SCUBA - UNIVERSAL CAPUniversal Valve Cap Fits  most of scuba valves on the market.Protect the valve outlet of your cylinder with XS scuba PVC caps from dirty and demageNylon cord lanyard included - not attachedAvailable in the following colors:- Black- Blue- Yellow- Pink- Green
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Miflex Genuine Xtreme Regulator Hoses 3/8

MIFLEX GENUINE XTREME REGULATOR HOSES 3/8 Miflex double braided LP flexible hoses for scuba diving regulators 3/8 (Standard on most new generation first stage in the market , Scubapro, Apeks, Scubatec, and much more)Available in different maesures:210 -180 - 150 - 120 - 100 - 80 - 75 - 60 - 56 - 50 - 30 - 15 cmAvailable colors: White, Blue, Carbon,...
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Genuine Miflex Inflator Hoses Low Pressure 3/8

GENUINE MIFLEX JACKET DRY SUIT HOSE 3/8  Miflex double braided LP flexible hoses for scuba diving jacket 3/8  (Standard on most new generation first stage in the market , Scubapro, Apeks, Scubatec, Scubatech and many others.Available in different maesures:100 - 90 - 75 - 65 - 61 - 56 - 51- 45 - 40 - 30 - 25 - 20 - 15 cm Available colors: White, Blue,...
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Book Between Two Worlds By Under The Pole And Suex



The account of the third expedition of Under the Pole, with Suex as its technical partner, was published in the book Between Two Worlds

NB: Book in English Version

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The account of the third expedition of Under the Pole, with Suex as its technical partner, was published in the book Between Two Worlds

While Under The Pole – the international ocean research and diving innovation organisation of which Suex is a technical partner – is preparing for its next expedition, it’s time to take a step back and celebrate the achievements it has chalked up during earlier missions.

Specifically, we’d like to focus on the third in the series, which took place from 2017 to 2020, and during which the scientists of Under The Pole circumnavigated the Americas. The account of this ambitious project was recently published in a book entitled Between Two Worlds.
The Under The Pole III expedition set out from Concarneau in France, aboard the Why, a schooner able to explore the seas worldwide. Its destination was Greenland, before which it was to cross first the Arctic and then the Behring Strait, before heading down into the Pacific, stopping off in French Polynesia.

From here, the expedition was supposed to stop in Antarctica, but the health crisis scuppered the crew’s plans, and the Why had to go straight back to France from Polynesia. Despite the change of plan, Under The Pole III achieved important scientific results in its search for ways to revolutionise the presence of humans in the underwater environment. Of particular scientific significance were the discoveries made regarding the phenomenon of fluorescence, on the corals at great depths and in general on the organisms that live between the surface of the water and a depth of 174 metres, in a variety of habitats ranging from the icy temperatures of the Arctic to the warm seas of the tropics, from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Also invented for this expedition was Capsule, a light, self-sufficient underwater environment that allowed for the observation and study of the sea bed without the time limits imposed by tanks.

During all these important activities, the Under The Pole expedition received support from its technical partner Suex, which provided its technology for the DPV scooters and underwater exploration. In this way, we have offered – and will continue to offer – our collaboration to an organisation that shares our desire for on-going research and innovation underwater, aimed at discovering the secrets of this mysterious world and helping to preserve it.

NB: Book in English Version

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SITECH Valve Attachement Tool

SITECH VALVES ATTACHMENT TOOLValve Attachment Tools are recommended to enhance the grip when detaching and/or reattaching SI TECH valves and Blanking plug.
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Sinapsi Nose Suex For Xjs E Xk

SINAPSI NOSE SUEX FOR XJS E XK SINAPSI is a special navigation nose that replaces the standard nose and is equipped with sophisticated electronics that makes it possible to receive and process underwater navigation data captured with the DPV. The SINAPSI project took years of increasingly sophisticated research, including many tests and trials to optimize...
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PETREL 3 SA And PETREL 3 EXT Shearwater Air Integrated Dive Computer

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NO GRAVITY Sea Lion Undersuit 400 GR

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Apeks Comfortbite Mouthpiece Ap5324

APEKS COMFORTBITE MOUTHPIECE  AP5324The Apeks Comfortbite mouthpiece is the standard mouthpiece fitted to all Apeks second stages and features a bridge that joins the two bite tabs together.The entire mouthpiece is made from very soft black silicone with all edges smoothed and rounded for a comfortable fit, even on prolonged or extended dives
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Halcyon New Flare EXP All Black Light With or Without Cable

HALCYON NEW FLARE EXP ALL BLACK LIGHT WITH CHARGERDesigned to be easily transported, stored in a pocket AND powerful enough to lead an extreme cave dive... even on half power. Yet simple enough for a recreational reef dive. The Black Halcyon FLARE EXP is strong, dependable and priced to become your go to solution for your next primary light.
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Modular V-Weight System Lead For Double Sets

V-WEIGHT MODULAR LEAD FOR DOUBLE SETSNEW Modular V-Weight System for double tankIt allow diver to set the lead, between tanks, in different position. This solution is produce a perfect trim underwater. Available in following sizes: 1, 2 or 3 kgThe V-weight Modular System can be configured with a maximum weight of 6 
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Dui Zip Seals Latex Neck Seal Replacement 2Nd Generation

DUI ZIP SEALS LATEX NECK SEAL REPLACEMENT 2ND GENERATION DUI Neck seals in Lattex second generationLattex ZipSeals™ FeaturesThe greatest benefit to latex seals is that they are more durable overall. If you do not live in a high UV or ozone climate, latex might be the best option for you.ZipSeals 2st Gen. can't be worn with DUI drysuits fitted with the...
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Suex DPV Protection Cover For Underwater Scooter

SUEX PROTECTION COVER FOR UNDERWATER SCOOTERSThe Suex protection cover is an elastic covering to be placed on the body of your DPV to prevent damage and scratches to the scooter during transportation. Protection for your Suex underwater scooters is available for all models: XK Goldfinder, XK, XJ Goldfinder, XJS, XJT, VRX EVO, VRT EVO, 7Seven.
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Inflator Service Tool For Vis Power Inflators Service Your Bcd Jacket

INFLATOR SERVICE TOOL FOR VIS POWER INFLATORS SERVICE YOUR BCD JACKETThis new Infilator tool allows you to disassemble and service power inflator of your BCD and Jacket easily. This Tool is compatible with most of generic power inflators available on the market. SEE IMAGES IN THE GALLERY
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